Booking Information

Booking Information

Thank you so much for considering booking a location with Hamptons Locations.  Hamptons Locations has been in business since 1990 and Nancy Grigor, the owner, will help to make your shoot a success.  We have locations on the North and South Forks, as well as the Metropolitan area, Pennsylvania, Florida and Elsewhere in US as well as outside the US.

Even though we try to update our locations regularly, some photos may not be current. If you put some of our locations on hold we recommend strongly that you do a scout in person prior to the shoot, to be sure that the location fits your needs.  There is no charge to put locations on hold and an appointment must be made before going on the property to scout.

When the location is booked, we will need a Certificate of Insurance for the location and Hamptons Locations and full payment at least two days prior to the shoot date and definitely before you go on the property.  No one will be allowed on property until payment and insurance is received by Hamptons Locations.

Payment must be made by Corporate check, Bank Wire transfer or credit card and if using a credit card a 5% fee is added to the charge.  Overtime at a location will be billed at the end of the shoot and paid for at that time with Company Check or credit card. Once a shoot is confirmed, a full fee will be billed.  There are no exceptions to this policy, so please be sure prior to confirming.

All shoots are considered to be a “print” shoot, unless otherwise specified.  All rates quoted are for “print” and the addition of a film or video crew must be approved by the owner and often there will be an additional fee.  We need to know what you are shooting….catalog, film, video, and how many crew and vehicles will be on the property and if you are shooting interiors and/or exteriors before we can quote a price.  Before the shoot we must receive a call sheet, with all the names and contact numbers of people that will be on the property.

Hamptons Locations Featured Hot Spot -  H-109
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